What is #ActsOfSuperness?

#ActsOfSuperness is a Twitter Game I wrote to encourage people to do good things for each other. You get points when you tweet everyday acts of kindness and decency with #ActsOfSuperness.

You'll get tweets showing your superhero rankings based on how "super" your actions are. Eventually, we'll all work up to Batman, and then all the world's problems will be solved.

Superhero Ranking System

The superhero levels on #ActsOfSuperness come from ranker.com's crowd-ranked superhero list.
The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time

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Coming Soon

I want to add a way to see the score of twitter handle that's playing. If you want to help see the Source Code on Github.

More Info

This game gives you points for being awesome to your fellow human beings. If you want to play, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Go out and do something good for someone. Preferably a stranger in need.
  2. Tweet about the good thing you did. Add a pic if you can.
  3. Include #ActsOfSuperness in your tweet.

The game will find your tweet and award you points for it. The more people retweet your #ActsOfSuperness, the more points you'll get. As you get more points, you'll advance through the superhero rankings. So go perform some #ActsOfSuperness.

The game updates roughly every 30 minutes so just be patient. Also the game relies on tweets being returned by Twitter's search index. So if your tweets aren't registering here, it's because Twitter isn't indexing your tweets.